A Twitter Morning

Jag har hittat en ny idol, så jäkla snön Twitter!
har hållt mig sysselsatt i flera timmar nu


Han kan vara riktigt hård ibland, men man får ta allt med en smula salt!

* I decided to burn some calories today, set a fat kid on fire.

* I was masturbating the other day, when I heard someone scream for help. I came as quickly as I could

* Fridaythe13th-

I came very close to death today, I masturbated in the cemetery.

* So, Facebook have just announced their 1,000,000,000th member. Well, I've just closed my account, so that's fucked that up for them then.

* Behind every good man, there's a woman, rolling her eyes.

* iPads.. I can't wait to get an iPad. Then I can pretend I'm a midget with an iPhone.

* my laptop fell off my hand on to the floor and wrote on its screen ''ROFL''

* Blind people wear sunglasses and why don't deaf people wear ear muffs?

* I pray every night for a new toy. Then I realized The Lord doesn't work that way, so I stole one & asked him to forgive me.

* 99% of women kiss with their eyes closed. This is why it's so difficult to identify rapists

* Apple have put on hold plans to release a new iPod designed for children to use. Apparently "iTouch Kids" wasn't an ideal product name.

Postat av: Sofia Vienna

* my laptop fell off my hand on to the floor and wrote on its screen ''ROFL''

hahahhaha, han är så sjukt bra!! Jag älskar det!! haha, man kan tillbringa mycket tid framför det :P

2010-09-03 @ 15:06:05
URL: http://sofaivienna.se

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