Some bling for the heart

Do you see my reflections? Can you read them, my thoughts? Can you tell when I'm happy? Do you sence my feelings? I hope you do. I want you to see how my eyes gets that extra brightness when you enter the room. How they're searching for your attention. I want you to feel the warmth that reaches my chest, the excitement. I want you to see me, feel me. I hope you do, I want you to.

Can you feel how I shiver when you touch me? When every second your fingers are touching my skin, I feel more alive than ever. Can you see how I sometimes have to look away, afraid of what my eyes are telling you? Afraid of showing you too much. Do you feel how sometimes, when I lean against you, I press my body close to you. Sometimes too close. Sometimes I'm afraid of loving you, sometimes I'm afraid of not loving you. Either way, when I lay my head in your knee and you lay your hands om me, I feel safe. No matter how scared I am or how big my doubts are...laying close to you gives me relief.

You make me happy but at the same time you make me sad. Terrified. When every move you take towards me, every step, every word, every look make me wanna get even closer. Take your hands in mine, look deep in your eyes, rub my nose against your until I can get you to smile. Your smile, my world. I wanna be the one that makes you tingle. Give you a quiet giggle when your friends are making fun of your blushing cheeks. The one that makes your body ace for closeness at night. I wanna be your fight...


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