Who said Halloween is over?

Alone on the roofs
Purple and blue sky’s
Moon eyes, piano sound
Rain fattens the ground
Tic tock, sleepy clock
Tip toe tip toe where’s it go
Moving slow, without reason
Witch cat, Syd cat
Where are you

Drip dropp drip drainpipes, drains and dreams
Darkness overcome,
eclipse the sun
Milk tonic take a
sip let in slip into
Tipple tongue,
taste and run
Anywhere, everywhere
With black and red stripes
Witch cat, top hat, Syd cat
Where are you

Alone on the roofs
Cool cut tail sets a sail
Ready to fly, granny’s bony broom
Smells of old
She rode it around the room
She died to soon, cat got away
Left with nothing to say three days from may
Twitchy, witchy cat
Syd cat, witch cat
Where are you, where are you……….

-Jason Taylor


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